2020 Year-end Corpus $154.2M
Total Giving Numbers In 2020 $10.9M

2020 – A great year for giving.

The Alabama Power Foundation is a source of good, designed and dedicated to work for the advancement of the people of our state.  We are the state’s largest corporate foundation, funded entirely through resources independent of Alabama Power’s customers. A managed trust of more than $130 million fuels our efforts and is designed to do so for years to come.

  • $4,498,708 FUNDED Graduation Cap Icon
    to TEACH
    Educational Advancement
  • $2,912,614 FUNDED Hand Icon
    to GROW
    Civic & Community Development
  • $460,800 FUNDED Art Icon
    to IMAGINE
    Arts & Cultural Enrichment
  • $2,718,977 FUNDED
    to THRIVE
    Health & Human Services
  • $402,900 FUNDED Tree Icon
    to SUSTAIN
    Environmental Stewardship

Supporting Case Studies

Alabama Wildlife Federation Outdoor Classrooms

It may be more difficult than ever to hold a child’s attention these days. But what if there’s a tadpole to touch? Or a determined box turtle inching his way along? Or a hummingbird whirring just beyond the classroom window? Game on. Electronics off. Nature wins. That’s how it is at the Alabama Wildlife Federation, whose programs go from ho-hum to hooray in a blink.

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16th St. Baptist Church Experience Room

The story of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing on Sept. 15, 1963, and the tragedy, reconciliation and forgiving that resulted, must be told with reverence and dignity. Now, the story of that day is being movingly and professionally presented on the Birmingham church’s lower level, just below the sanctuary.

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Children at school
Educational Advancement THE ENERGY to TEACH

We support those who lead sustained advancement by helping us be smarter, more engaged and more prepared.

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Man using power drill
Civic & Community Development THE ENERGY to GROW

We support those who work to create a more knowledgeable and skilled workforce that drives economic growth.

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Child drawing a duck
Arts & Cultural Enrichment THE ENERGY to IMAGINE

We understand that economic opportunity is dependent on innovation. Innovation requires imagination. We support those who advance our imaginations by exposing us to diverse perspectives and cultural enrichment.

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children jumping at school
Health & Human Services THE ENERGY to THRIVE

A thriving community requires the physical and mental energy to seize opportunity, and pursue ever greater aspirations. We support those whose efforts yield a measurable difference in public health and human services.

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people holding shovels at charity site
Environmental Stewardship THE ENERGY to SUSTAIN

We support those who teach environmental responsibility, work to protect natural resources, and imagine new ways to preserve access to our state's rivers, beaches, trails and parks.

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