> 1 Million Volunteer Hours
6,200 Members
10 Chapters

Our challenge: improve the quality of life of Alabamians by rolling up our sleeves

You know what they say: “20 percent of the people do 80 percent of the work.” Well, Alabama Power Service Organization, like Energizers, is made up of “20 Percenters.” You see, we’re not only about grants; we’re also about elbow grease. And our team loves nothing better than being right where the rubber meets the road with causes that align with our values.

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What we do and how we do it

We offer service opportunities through a variety of projects. Requests are submitted monthly to each chapter’s board of directors for approval. Speaking of chapters, we have 9 of them across the state, with more than 6,200 members between them. Each year, our volunteers invest upward of 39,000 hours of time to their communities. We connect to communities through other nonprofit organizations. We partner with more than 200 of them annually.

What People Are Saying

"Barry Chapter had an outstanding year working with the community through various projects and fundraisers. In 2017, our 470 members volunteered for more than 5,500 hours, and participated in more than 100 events. Barry APSO made a lasting impact on people’s lives through many small acts of kindness in 2017."
Melanie Dawn Robins 2017 Barry Chapter president
"Donating funds is wonderful for an organization, but our real joy comes from the countless hours we volunteer to help others succeed."
Broderick Smith 2017 Southern Division Chapter president
"2017 was a year to remember for the Gorgas APSO Chapter. Thank you so much to all the volunteers that worked so diligently on all the projects we completed; your hard work and determination has truly made a difference in your community."
Joshua Chumbler 2017 Gorgas Chapter president
"I am always amazed at how APSO offers hope and truly serves as a beacon of light to our communities. We come together as an organization, but most of all as a family to get the job done. I know this because my board and my APSO family at Miller were awesome this year. With them, we made the impossible, possible."
Venito Fuller 2017 Miller Chapter president

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