Guided by the idea that positive philanthropic outcomes and economic growth are not mutually exclusive, the Strategic Initiatives arm of the Alabama Power Foundation develops new tools and programs to extend the impact of our investments, transform the state’s economy and improve the quality of life for all Alabamians. 

How we amplify our impact:

The Alabama Power Foundation equips its partners with tools and resources to build revenue streams and sustain charitable impact by deploying resources through Impact Investing and Collaborative Impact strategies. Through Impact Investing, the foundation invests grant funds to provide partners with low-cost capital to then be recycled to support other charitable projects. Collaborative Impact convening strategies connect nonprofits with development and technical assistance to attract greater resources to build capacity, track outcomes and carry out the nonprofits’ missions more effectively.


Collaborative Impact

Connecting local and national resources for a deeper impact

Impact Investing

Catalyzing projects with the potential to transform Alabama

Economic Empowerment

The Alabama Power Foundation is committed to addressing social injustice. We understand that means a long-term commitment to building institutions and policies that work to unravel systemic inequality and provide access to opportunity. We are committed to empowering the state’s economy by cultivating an ecosystem that incentives small, minority-owned and benefit corporation business development. Whether through facilitating partnerships, sharing resources, or creating innovative solutions, the foundation is dedicated to bridging the gaps of inequality for all Alabamians.

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What sets us apart

Strategic thinking and mission alignment are at the heart of these new, boundary-pushing tactics to distribute resources – both in-kind and financial – and create an innovative philanthropy model to empower Alabama. By engaging in concepts like Impact Investing, Collaborative Impact and Economic Empowerment, the Alabama Power Foundation is shifting the traditional granting model to a new horizon.

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