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The Power of Healthy Communities

The health of our people is critical to the success of our state. But, there are many threats: the lack of healthy food alternatives, sedentary living and crippling poverty. We offer a number of grants to combat these problems.

ABC Trust Community Grant

The ABC Trust Community Grant program awards up to $500 to nonprofits and faith-based organizations working to address health and human service needs in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) relief efforts or to provide general health and human service support to low-income citizens.

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Elevate Grants

Elevate Grants work across all of our focus areas and are intended to help our nonprofit partners achieve financial stability, expansion goals, program enhancements and other mission-critical objectives. These robust grant packages are intended to be “game changers” for the organizations awarded them.


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Foundation Grants

Our Foundation grants focus on underserved segments of our population. We fund projects to enhance education, community life and arts, and to improve the environment and health and human services.

Applications are accepted year-round.

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