Students to Stewards Grants

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Offering two ways to teach kids how to care for our state

Students to Stewards awards two types of grants — Outdoor Classroom Grants and Curriculum Grants. The types of grants alternate annually.


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How we evaluate Students to Stewards Grant candidates

Students to Stewards Grants always meet the following criteria:

  • The applying entity is either a school or an organization that teaches environmental conservation.
  • The project or program is designed to inspire students to take care of our environment.
  • The applying project or program has not received funds from one of our other programs.
Children learning about recycling
Children using a wheelbarrow

How we’d like to see Outdoor Classroom and Curriculum Grants used

Curriculum Grants, which are awarded up to $1,000 each, can be used for field trips, teaching materials, to enhance environmental science curriculum and more.

Outdoor Classroom grantees are awarded up to $7,500 each. These grants are used to help schools and organizations build outdoor learning environments so that students can participate in outdoor learning.

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