Students to Stewards Grants

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Teaching kids how to care for our state

Students to Stewards provides dynamic stewardship initiatives to schools through conservation education and outdoor classrooms to teach students the importance of preserving Alabama’s natural resources. This grant may also be used to offer alternative learning locations for students during COVID-19 to keep students safe by social distancing.

The 2022 grant cycle begins January 3, 2022 and the application deadline is February 4, 2022.


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How we evaluate Students to Stewards Grant candidates

Students to Stewards Grants always meet the following criteria:

  • The applying entity is a school with an overall financial need that teaches environmental or conservation related programming or a need for an outdoor classroom.
  • For purposes of this program, a school is determined to have a financial need if 50 percent or more of its full-time students receive free or reduced-price lunches.
  • Schools submitting an application must indicate the specific intended use of the grant money and an estimate of how many students will be affected.
  • All applications will be reviewed by the Alabama Power Foundation for adherence to the Students to Stewards guidelines. If time permits prior to the deadline, applicants will be notified if their grant applications must be modified. Applications submitted on the last day will not be able to be modified if there are problems.
  • The project or program is designed to inspire students to take care of our environment or provide additional environmental or conservation-related learning opportunities.

How we’d like to see Students to Stewards Grants used

Students to Stewards grants, which are awarded up to $7,500 each, can be used to enhance environmental and conservation-related learning as well as to provide outdoor learning spaces for students.

Examples of uses for Students to Stewards grants include:

  • Programming and curriculum materials to support environmental and conservation education.
  • Funding to build an outdoor classroom or to make enhancements to an existing one.
  • Alternative learning locations for students during COVID-19 to keep students safe by social distancing.
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