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Helping teachers provide a better learning environment

Teachers often have to pay for class materials out-of-pocket. Our Classroom grants seek to solve that problem by awarding grants up to $1,000 for materials to better the classroom environment, and in turn, enhance a student’s ability to learn. Funding may also be used to support COVID-19 relief efforts such as technology support, cleaning and sanitation supplies, as well as mental health needs for students and educators.

Nonprofits who provide those services and are partnering with local school systems who meet the grant criteria may also apply for grants.

The 2022 grant cycle 1 begins February 7, 2022 and the application deadline is February 25, 2022.
The 2022 grant cycle 2 begins August 29, 2022 and the application deadline is September 16, 2022. 


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How we evaluate Classroom grant candidates

Classroom grants always meet the following criteria:

  • The grant application is for schools and nonprofits partnering with local school systems to address mental health needs of students and educators.
  • Classroom grants are limited to schools determined to have an overall financial need.
  • For purposes of this program, a school is determined to have a financial need if 50 percent or more of its full-time students receive free or reduced-price lunches.
  • Schools and nonprofits submitting an application must indicate the specific intended use of the grant money and an estimate of how many students will be affected.
  • Nonprofits partnering with schools to provide mental health needs must work with the school to fill out the required information in the grant application.
  • All applications will be reviewed by Alabama Power Foundation for adherence to the Classroom Grant guidelines. If time permits prior to the deadline, schools will be notified if their grant applications must be modified. Applications submitted on the last day will not be able to be modified if there are problems.

How we’d like to see Classroom grants used

Examples of uses for Classroom grants include:

  • Supplies for the betterment of the classroom. For example:
    • Classroom library
    • Basic school supplies like crayons, pencils, paper, scissors, etc.
    • Classroom décor like bins, bean bags, rugs, etc.
    • Other educational materials
  • School Library materials. For example:
    • Headphones
    • Multimedia equipment
    • Books and/or book jacket covers
    • Other educational materials
  • COVID-19 related support. For example:
    • Funding mental health support to address the social and emotional needs of educators, students, and students’ families.
    • Adapting curriculum to support distance/virtual learning and instruction.
    • Supporting virtual learning equipment and support. Ex.: laptops, Wi-Fi access, etc.
    • Addressing students’ learning loss resulting from extended school closures.
    • Providing educational enrichment to support student learning.
    • Strengthening educators’/schools’ engagement with families and communities to meet student needs.
    • Funding for sanitation supplies to keep areas clean and safe for students. Ex.: backpack sanitation sprayers, air purifiers, etc.

Grants are not limited to the examples above.  Classroom grants do not apply to athletic or arts programs.  For support in these areas, please see our Power to Play grant.

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