ABC Trust Community Grant

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) relief

The ABC Trust Community Grant program awards up to $500 to nonprofits and faith-based organizations working to address health and human service needs in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) relief efforts or to provide general health and human service support to low-income citizens.



ABC Trust community grants meet the following criteria:

*Note: We are temporarily suspending the criteria listed in the application requiring a site visit and referral letter from an Alabama Power representative.

  • The grant is available to 501c(3) organizations offering health and human services to low-income citizens or as a response to coronavirus (COVID-19) relief efforts.
  • Health and human services programs promote health and wellness, access to health services, direct service programs. It also includes programs that improve network services from parent organizations programs that assist children and youth.
  • The grant must be used for programs or projects that are available to the general public.
  • Income level criteria must be at or below 200% of poverty for energy assistance.
  • Community Action Agencies do not qualify for this grant.
  • Organizations may only apply for the grant once per year.

Required Information:

  • Organization name and address.
  • Name, email address and telephone number for the primary contact person.
  • EIN/Tax ID number.
  • A one-paragraph summary of the specific project or program affected by the grant.
  • A list of other contributors to the project or program, along with dollar amounts (if applicable).
  • Project budget.
  • On the last page of the application, you will be asked to attach specific files.
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