Q. How can I submit my volunteer hours?

A. Tap the red plus ‘+’ button at the top right. Then fill in the details of your volunteer.


Q. I’m having an issue, how can I get help?

A. Please fill out the App Feedback Form. Please include a detailed description of your issue.


Q. How can I submit different times for each of my family members.

A. You’ll need to submit a separate time entry for each family member if the total number of volunteer hours for each is different.


Q. How can I request new features?

A. For all feature requests, please fill out the App Feedback Form.


Q. How often are events updated?

A. Events are added as they’re approved by the APSO board.


Q. When will I see my volunteer hours show up?

A. Your volunteer hours are submitted to a project coordinator. Once the coordinator approves your hours, they will show up within the app.


Q. How do I add/edit family members?

A. Tap on the grey person icon to access the user area. From here, tap “Edit” next to “Family Members”. Use the Green ‘+’ and Red ‘-’ icons to add and remove family members.


Q. How can I change my user email?

A. Your user email is your Southern Company email address and cannot be changed. Only members with a Southern Company email address may be allowed to utilize this app.


Q. I don’t see the event I volunteered for when submitting hours.

A. The app retains events for 60 days past the date of the event. If you volunteered at an event more than 60 days prior, please submit your volunteer time by emailing the event project coordinator.