Brighter Minds


Brighter Minds is Alabama Power’s and the Alabama Power Foundation’s education initiative to help prepare students with the skills and knowledge they need the join the workforce and to lead our state. Brighter Minds has three main focus areas through which it works to improve education in Alabama.

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STEM & Workforce Development


Why STEM? 65% of those with STEM bachelor’s degrees earn more than those with non-STEM degrees.




Alabama Power Foundation partners with 11 other funders in Alabama each year through Summer Adventures in Learning (SAIL).


SAIL supports summer learning programs in which students can explore new interests and skills while also gaining the support they need to prevent summer learning loss.




In partnership with Go Build, the Alabama Power Foundation helped develop a trade and vocational e-textbook to teach students what they need to do to become qualified in the trades.


This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iPad, and with iTunes on your computer.




Alabama Power Foundation also awards grants to many other STEM and Workforce Development-related education programs across the state of Alabama. Learn more about these targeted grants on our blog.

Conservation Education


Why conservation education? Improved environmental education has a proven link to greater math and science achievement.

Students to Stewards

We believe today’s students are tomorrow’s stewards. Because of that belief, the Students to Stewards grant program has been established to promote stewardship and conservation education across Alabama.


Since 2014, Students to Stewards has awarded more than $100,000 through more than 40 grants to support conservation education in Alabama.


Students to Stewards awards two types of grants on a rotating annual basis. In early 2017, applications will be accepted for curriculum grants, which will be awarded in spring 2017. In early 2018, applications will be accepted for outdoor classroom grants, which will be awarded in spring 2018.


Curriculum Grants


Beginning February 2017, applications will be accepted for curriculum grants of up to $1,000 each. Schools and organizations teaching environmental conservation are invited to apply.


Classroom curriculum grants can be used for field trips, teaching materials, to enhance environmental science curriculum and more.


Outdoor Classroom Grants


In early 2018, applications will be accepted for outdoor classroom grants of up to $7,500 each.


These grants help schools build classrooms so students can participate in outdoor learning.


Feb. 13 – Mar. 24, 2017

Please check back for more information.


Grants will be awarded in spring 2017.

If you’ve started an application, click here to resume your saved application (Applicant Account).

Early Childhood Education


Why early education? Access to better early education is linked to higher language proficiency, higher math and reading scores and lower drop-out rates later in life.


Supporting First Class Pre-K


Each year, Alabama Power Foundation partners with the Alabama Department of Children’s Affairs to support new First Class Pre-K classrooms by providing classroom material grants of $10,000. These grants help furnish and provide essential materials for a positive learning environment.


Since 2014, Alabama Power Foundation has provided $350,000 through 35 Pre-K Classroom grants.

Power To Play


Why support high school extracurricular programs? Studies show that students involved in extracurricular experience academic and mental health benefits. Additionally, extracurricular participation increases the probability that an at-risk student will graduate.


Power to Play is an annual athletics and arts grant program for high schools across Alabama. Both grants aim to increase participation in their respective extracurricular programs. The grant program is limited to schools that are determined to have an overall financial need.  For purposes of this program, a school is determined to have a financial need if 50 percent or more of its full-time students receive free or reduced-price lunches.


Since 2014, Power to Play has awarded more than $200,000 through more than 100 grants to support high school athletics and arts programs. The 2017 Power To Play grant program began accepting applications on Sept. 18.

Power To Play Arts Grants


Arts grants can be used to increase participation for an existing fine or performing arts program, offer a new arts program or enhance or upgrade supplies or equipment.

Up to 18 arts grants will be awarded in 2017.

Power to Play Athletics Grants


Athletics grants can be used to offer a new sport, offer a new team in an existing sport or increase the number of students carried on the roster of an existing team.

Up to 18 athletics grants will be awarded in 2017.


Sept. 18 – Oct. 27, 2017

Grants recipients will be announced in December.

If you’ve started an application, click here to resume your saved application (Applicant Account).


  • Four schools and nonprofit organizations will receive conservation education grants through the Alabama Power Foundation’s Students to Stewards program. Students to Stewards curriculum grants provide up to $1,000 each for classroom lessons, in-the-field learning and teacher training. “Students have an opportunity to learn firsthand about......

  • Thirty-six high schools receive $2,500 grants for arts and athletics The Alabama Power Foundation’s Power to Play program has awarded 36 grants to high school arts and athletic programs across the state. Eighteen of those grants will support athletics programs and 18 will support arts......

  • Alabama Power Foundation’s Power to Play grant program returns for its third year of helping Alabama high schools increase students’ extracurricular participation. The program, which offered athletics grants in its first two years, expands its focus this year to include the arts. Power to Play......