Alabama Power Service Organization

The Alabama Power Service Organization is a nonprofit volunteer organization that includes Alabama Power, Southern Nuclear, SouthernLINC and Southern Company Services employees and their families. Our commitment of service to Alabama goes beyond providing electricity. It extends to the people of Alabama and the communities where they live. APSO members recognize that philanthropy is more than money. It is the gift of time.

Our Mission:


To improve the quality of life of Alabamians by developing and supporting charitable projects that promote the core values of Alabama Power’s charitable giving efforts.

  • APSO has more than 5,500 members and 10 chapters across the state. Each year, the APSO volunteers invest more than 50,000 hours of their time into their communities.
  • APSO offers service opportunities through a variety of projects. Requests are submitted monthly to the chapter’s board of directors for approval.
  • APSO members connect to the community through partnerships with nonprofit organizations and typically touch more than 200 groups annually.

Need a few helping hands?

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Lifting Children’s Spirits

Every year since 2008, APSO volunteers come together to organize a week of play and entertainment for the patients and their families at Children’s of Alabama hospital in Birmingham.


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